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Top Mobile banking in Bangladesh 2022-23

best mobile banking in Bangladesh 2022


best mobile banking in Bangladesh 2022
best mobile banking in Bangladesh

Mobile banking is a service provided by a bank or other financial institution which is a method of transferring money or money remotely to the customer using a smartphone or a mobile device. Mobile banking is not just about sending money, it is now offering you a variety of services ranging from purchasing something online to; Provides facility to exchange money at home, buy and sell goods at home, pay various bills at home, pay mobile recharge etc. And you will have the opportunity to access banking services from any part of the world through mobile apps and websites. There are many types of mobile banking in our country, so let's get some information about mobile banking in Bangladesh.

👉There are many types of mobile banking in our country. They offer different types of services. Therefore, the names of mobile banking, services and banks are mentioned below:

👉BKash :

BKash is one of the leading mobile phone based money transfer or service providers in Bangladesh. BRAC Bank Limited started its development journey in 2011. Customers can get bKash service by dialing * 246 # from their mobile phone. You will get services like remittance, mobile recharge, payment, cash out, pay bill, balance checking etc.


Nagad is a mobile phone based money transfer or service provider in Bangladesh. Postal Department Kartik started the journey of nagad on November 11, 2018. By opening a nagad account, a customer can pay various bills including depositing, withdrawing and transferring money on his mobile from anywhere in the country.

Rocket Dutch-Bangla Bank is a mobile phone based money transfer or service provider in Bangladesh. Rocket first became known as mobile banking. Cash In, Cash Out, Merchant Payment, Utility Bill Payment, Salary Distribution, Receipt of Foreign Remittance, Distribution of Government Allowance, Withdrawal of Money from ATM Booth etc. are all available. 

👉Sure Cash:
Rupali Bank Mobile Banking Branch is called Sure Cash. Sure Cash is an institution of Rupali Bank Limited. 2014 Sure Cash Bangladesh started its journey. Sure Cash is a mobile device based banking service provider. Cash In, Cash In, Cash Out, Salary Distribution, Government Allowance Distribution, Money Withdrawal from ATM Booth etc. are all available through Sure Cash. 

T-Cash 'Mobile Banking has been launched by Trust Bank Limited. Trust Bank Limited provided T-Cash mobile banking services in 2016. Through T-Cash, Account Registration, Cash Withdrawal and Deposit, Fund Transfer, Tuition and Other Fees for Educational Institutions, Recruitment Fees for Army, Navy and Air Force can be paid. In addition, passport fee, national identity card fee, foreign remittance and salary distribution and online merchant payment can be done in this service.

👉U Cash:
UCB Bank launched U Cash mobile banking service in November 2013. UCB Bank's mobile banking branch is called U Cash. It is a mobile banking institution. U Cash provides all the services of their bank.

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